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Bio I was born June 8, 1945 in Little Rock Arkansas to R. L.(Sonny) and Inez Cole, a family of 3 boys and 4 girls.  I am the youngest son in this family.  We grew up in the trash business for which we got up early and worked late.  Daddy owned 5 trucks and at the age of 16 I was put in charge of one of the trucks to drive, load and unload the trash collected after school and during the summer months. Our lives evolved around church and  work.  I  have no complaints about how we were raised by our parents.  We were taught the importance of church attendance, treating people like we would like to be treated and treat all people with respect no matter what color they were or their status in life...from people who lived on the street or in the richest neighborhood.  From the janitor up to owner or person in charge, always show yourself friendly, say Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am and always with respect and do the job right. Family prayer time every morning before we left for school or work and every night before going to bed....This instilled in me the importance of prayer. Formal education was 6 years at Oakhurst Elementary  School, 3 years at Southwest Junior High or Middle School and 3 years at Little Rock Central High School where I graduated in 1963. I spent 6 years with the Arkansas National Guard in the 176th Ordinance Unit at Camp Robinson r5ising to the rank of an E-5.  My job with the Guard at Summer Camp was a Driver for a Chief Warrant Officer, Mr. Carl Gaines.  Mr. Gaines and I had many in-depth conversations about life and how God fits into our everyday walk of life and I am eternally grateful for the time spent with him. On July 23, 1971 DiAnn and I were married in Salisaw, OK and of this writing in 2015 we have been married for 44 wonderful years.  She is a great helpmate in our Pstorship at the church, Northside Community Church where we have pastored for 35 years. Before becoming pastors we traveled in Evangelitic Ministry, after being Associate Pastors in 3 diferent Churches, the first was The (Original) Church of God in Little Rock, then in Dallas, TX with W. V. Grant, Sr. then in Amarrillo, TX with Freddie Richardson.  These were  wonderful training years for DiAnn and I and many of the lessons learned we still use to this  very day. Sincerly, Glenn Cole
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